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I haven't written anything in a loooong while. Why, you ask?
Because I'm lazy. Becase I've been writing:

The Adventures of BONEMAKER and RAGDOLL
Yes, I'm a freak.

Anyway, I'm posting this so that maybe I'll get my lazy ass working and start making something worth posting.

(PS: I'm going to need your Betaing and Bullshit detecting skills, Naoki)

Dear Mrs. Meyer,

Dear Mrs. Meyer,

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You could have done so many things with Bella’s transition into vampirism. You could have had her unable to control her urges and thirst as a vampire and thus be unable to see her newborn daughter, Bella could have found out that as a vampire, she was no longer able to appreciate Edward’s good looks (thus proving that she loved Edward for more than his appearance). There was so much potential for Bella’s vampirism, yet you chose to ignore it.
Jacob seemed so out of character in third part of the book. It was like you were trying to make him into a petulant bratty werewolf who’d dared to involuntarily imprint on Bella’s child. It also seemed that you took Bella’s affections (romantic or otherwise) for Jacob and just decided to throw them in a dark closet and never let them out again. Again, Jacob had so much room for character development, but for some reason you chose to ignore that too. Jacob could have imprinted on Lizzie, the girl in the park, or could have chosen to run away again after the wedding and gone through some serious soul-searching in the woods.
I think one of the biggest problems I had with Breaking Dawn was Renesmee. I found that as soon as she entered the cast of characters, the book’s quality seemed to take a nosedive until it leveled out at to be about even with the quality of a badly written fan fiction, and that’s rather sad. Honestly, Renesmee was just another poorly thought-out original character from a fan fiction whose author had a thing for Jacob and wanted their character to be extra super special, so they threw in a special power, rapid growth, good looks, half-vampirism, and an implausible amount of inexplicable magnetism that was justified by, ‘Oh, everyone just seemed to love her!’.
But to be fair, I didn’t have a problem with the entire book, I found Bella and Edward’s honeymoon to be heartwarming and cheerful (if a little sappy), and I was thrilled by the drama and tension you put into Jacob’s part with the pregnancy and the pack issues. It’s just that, after those parts, you seemed to forget that you were writing something that was meant to be published and seen by the light of day rather than just burned for its horrible dialogue and character development.
After considerable thought on the subject, I’ve decided to pretend that the monumental disappointment generally known as Breaking Dawn was never published at all. In my mind, the Twilight Saga ended with Eclipse. Bella and Edward had a happy wedding and immortal life. After stumbling about the woods in grief and sorrow for a while, Jacob imprinted on a nice girl who I’ll name Suzy. He and Suzy lived happily ever after and had three children, Beth, Harry, and Tom.

Your Fan,
Nikki Jekyll



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