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“Go to sleep, Haru.” Zuko snapped at the Earth Bender. He’d just finished the training with Aang and he was exhausted. Where the hell did the little spaz get all his energy from? Haru wrapped his arms around Zuko and pulled him closer.

“Pleeeaase?” Haru whispered in Zuko’s ear, hot breath ghosting over the sensitive skin of his scar.

“Stop.” Zuko protested, trying to ignore Haru as he began to nibble on his ear. Zuko gritted his teeth as Haru gently licked the skin behind Zuko’s ear.

“No.” Haru said childishly, wrapping his left arm tighter around his lover’s waist and using his right hand to reach across Zuko’s chest and play with his nipples.

Stupid Haru. It had been two weeks since Zuko had joined the Avatar’s group, and two weeks since Zuko and Haru became roommates, under Katara’s command (since apparently, Zuko would sneak out in the middle of the night and kill Aang). The first night that Zuko and Haru shared the room, Haru’s bed broke, forcing him (after much arguing with Zuko) to sleep in the other’s bed. The resulting sexual tension of two mutually attracted teenage boys could lead to only one thing: sex and lots of it.

“Haru…” Zuko protested again, but he didn’t really mean it. Haru squeezed Zuko’s length and the teen squirmed about in his arms.

Haru chuckled and said, “Let’s try something different.” Zuko groaned as Haru removed his hands and sat up in the bed. Zuko rolled onto his back, exhibiting his slight erection, and his angry face to the other boy.

Again, the brunette chuckled, and got off the bed, beckoning for Zuko to follow. Zuko scowled.


“What?” Haru cocked his head to the left, causing a few strands of brown hair to fall across his face.

“I’m not having sex on the floor.”

“It’s not sex on the floor.” Zuko raised an eyebrow. “It’s sex in the dirt.”

“That’s not much of a difference.”

“I’ll turn it into sand if you want me too…” Haru offered.

“No! Sand gets everywhere!” Zuko cried, remembering his experience in the desert with a shudder.

“Please?” Haru asked. Zuko shook his head defiantly until he looked into Haru’s grass green eyes.

Damn. He was better than Aang at the cute manipulating thing.

Zuko rolled his eyes and obliged to Haru, coming to sit on the floor next to him. Haru’s face brightened and he smiled seductively as he leaned across the space separating them and kissed Zuko. Zuko leaned backward and Haru leaned forward, so that soon Zuko was lying with his back on the floor, Haru hovering over him.

Not breaking the kiss, Haru took Zuko’s hands and fastened them to the floor above Zuko’s head.

Zuko broke off the kiss to protest, crying, “Haru, what are you doing?!”

To which Haru replied, “Shh…do I have to gag you too?”

Zuko flushed. Oh gods. That line went straight to his cock. Stupid Haru and his stupid bedroom eyes and dirty talk. At least he’d finally went and shaved off the damned moustache like Zuko asked him to do.

Zuko began to protest again before Haru kissed him again, this time harsher. Zuko opened his mouth to Haru’s seeking tongue, allowing the other to take dominance.

Zuko really didn’t mind Haru taking the lead. In his previous relationships, he’d always been somewhat used for sex, meaning that his partner was rough and didn’t care for his own enjoyment. Haru wasn’t like that. No matter how rough they’d gotten, Haru had never forced him to do something, or hurt Zuko, or insulted Zuko‘s pride. It was actually rather refreshing to be in a romantic relationship with someone he could actually rely on and commit to.

Oh gods, did he just admit that he and Haru were dating?

“Zuko?” Haru asked, “Are you okay? I could take them off if you don’t want to…” Zuko guessed he was referring to the earth-cuffs.

“No I’m fine.” Zuko gasped out. Stupid Haru and his stupid concern, making Zuko admit his feelings for him. “Just…” Haru watched him intently. “Just fuck me.”

Haru blinked. Did the Zuko, proud and headstrong fire bender, just ask him, a lowly, poor earth bender to fuck him?


Haru grinned, and kissed Zuko again, tearing off his and Zuko’s pants and underwear (since neither man wore a shirt to bed). Soon flushed skin was pressed against flushed skin, each man as naked as the day they were born. Zuko hissed as his cock rubbed up against Haru’s thigh, leaving a trail of pre-cum behind. Haru stopped kissing Zuko’s mouth and moved lower, down to Zuko’s shoulder, his chest, his stomach (paying special attention to Zuko’s well-defined abdominals). The earth bender finally reached Zuko’s cock (now quite hard and leaking pre-cum), and waited for the longest moment, warm breath ghosting over it, making it’s owner twitch and grunt in pleasure, before taking it in to his mouth.

Immediately, Zuko’s hips bucked upward at the sudden sensation of a warm, hot mouth around his dick. Haru would lick his way up and down his lover’s length, while sucking. Zuko tried to move his hands, to do something anything but the rock restraints were effective and Zuko’s arms were completely immobilized. Suddenly, Haru withdrew, leaving Zuko with a twitching, throbbing erection that demanded attention immediately.

Zuko opened his mouth to protest, but Haru held one tanned finger to his lips and reached over Zuko to grab a small vial that they’d found in while exploring some of the Western Air Temple’s rooms oil for lubrication. Zuko suspected that it was specially made for the purpose that he and Haru used it for, due to the fact that the room that the oil had been in was definitely not a kitchen or a workshop.

Haru opened it, pouring some out onto his hand. Then Haru carefully closed the vial with one hand and set it aside, before wrapping his lube covered hand around his own length. Zuko squirmed, wishing that hand was his length, pumping up and down furiously. Haru moaned and threw his head back Zuko knew that it was a show for his benefit, but it had the desired effect all the same. He throbbed painfully, his hips thrusting involuntarily into empty air. Finally, Haru decided to stop being a tease and just fuck him all ready.

Haru lay down next to Zuko before turning the other boy onto his side. Zuko complained loudly that the ground was too hard, and Haru slammed his fist on the ground next to Zuko’s head making Zuko jump and turning the ground from hard stone into soft loam, not unlike the soil that one would find in a forest or a meadow.

“Better?” Haru asked. Zuko nodded, and opened his mouth to say something, but all that came out was a strangled ‘ungh!’ as Haru pressed a finger into his entrance. Zuko thrust his hips back onto the finger, groaning aloud as Haru pushed another finger into him. Zuko was groaning and writhing in the dirt, getting it all over his skin, in his hair, everywhere. Haru removed his fingers from Zuko’s ass, waiting a short moment for Zuko to catch his breath and nod his permission.

The earth bender thrust into Zuko with a swift movement, burying himself to the hilt. Both teens groaned at the resulting sensations of pleasure vibrating through them. Haru began to kiss and lick Zuko’s neck and ear again, before Zuko grunted for him to move.

Soon Haru was thrusting away into Zuko with wild abandon, Zuko whining and pleading and practically begging for his lover to go harder, faster he wanted more. More of Haru inside of him, more pleasure, more, more, more! It was amazing the feelings that the effeminate teenage boy could give him, but something was missing. Zuko tugged on his restraints, fighting to free his hands, eventually giving up.

“Ha-Haru…” Zuko whined, “T-t-touch…” Zuko lost all ability to form a coherent thought much less a sentence as Haru slammed into his prostate. Haru got the message though, and removed his hand from it’s death grip on Zuko’s hip something that would leave a mark later, Zuko knew and migrated it to the base of Zuko’s cock, squeezing before it began to jerk Zuko off in perfect counterpoint to Haru’s thrusts.

Oh hell yes.

Now Zuko was spiraling towards ecstasy with every thrust, every tug, every breath that puffed over his shoulder. And it wasn’t long before he began to cry out and shake. Finally his body stilled for one long moment, before every nerve in his body seemed to explode with pleasure. White filled his eyes, warmth radiated through his body, small bursts of flame spewed forth from his mouth, and a roaring sound filled his ears as he came, his semen flooding over Haru’s hand.

Shortly afterward, Haru came as well, groaning into Zuko’s shoulder.

Haru pulled out of Zuko, and wearily released the other boy’s hands. Zuko, still panting, was covered in sweat and dirt and cum the fire bender made being filthy look sexy, Haru decided after staring at him for the longest time.

Zuko rolled over so that he was facing his equally filthy companion.

“Filthy. Bath. Now.” He grunted. Haru just laughed.



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Feb. 17th, 2008 11:08 pm (UTC)
That was very, very sexy.
Nov. 15th, 2008 02:54 am (UTC)
Holy shit! Can you say major nose bleed!?
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